Submitted by admin on Wed, 09/04/2019 - 22:27

SpeedingYou may have read recently of the exercise conducted by the Tactical Operations Unit and the Lancashire Safer Roads Team in Stanhill. They targeted speeding motorists. A number of drivers were pulled over for speeding as well as other offences. In two cases drivers were speeding at 44 mph and 50 mph in the 30 mph limit. Others were caught for driving with no insurance, manner of driving and inadequate eyesight.

A number of warnings were issued and in one case the car was seized and the driver required to find alternative transport home.

Today a further exercise was carried out in Stanhill with speed checks by a police road team stationed on foot on the village, as part of a local area check.<

I know this doesn't satisfy residents who would like to see cameras and/or speed bumps but it at least shows more attention is being paid to the issue. As has been pointed out before the Residents and Fete Committee have campaigned for at least ten years but beyond minor road design changes and a speed indicators there is nothing that the police or the county council can or are prepared to do. The only trigger would apparently be if a series of serious accidents statistics emerged in the local area.